November, 2008

Brooklyn Academy of Music

Next Wave Festival

Douglas J. Cuomo, Composer

Robin Guarino, Director

John Kelly, Choreographer

Alan Johnson, Music Director

Donald Eastman, Set Designer

Gabriel Berry, Costume Designer

Robert Wierzel, Lighting Designer

William Cusick, Projection Designer

David Meschter, Sound Designer

If you did not get a chance to experience this spectacular production, or if you just want to enjoy it all over again..

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  Read about David Meschter’s sound design achievement

  See coverage in SPAN, the magazine published in India by the US State Department

Arjuna’s Dilemma is a cross-cultural chamber opera adapted from the Hindu epic, Bhagavad Gita, and composed by Douglas J. Cuomo.  It features a richly syncretic score combining North Indian percussion and vocal styles with Western choral and new music idioms. The conversation between these distinct musical styles correlates with one of the basic messages of the Bhagavad Gita: that life is fundamentally dualistic and eternal unity comprises the play of opposites.

Produced by Music-Theatre Group, Arjuna’s Dilemma is performed by an ensemble of ten musicians plus solo saxophone and tabla, a scribe, a female chorus, and two soloists—one playing Arjuna, the other, Krishna. The work centers on the moral and spiritual conflict of Arjuna—a warrior prince on the eve of civil war—and the powerful spiritual counsel he receives from the Hindu god, Krishna.


A Chamber Opera

in English & Sanskrit with titles

Music by Douglas J. Cuomo

Directed by Robin Guarino


Diane Wondisford, Producing Director  


Phone: 718.797.1145

Photography by Stephanie Berger